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Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) lessons in London Ontario

Learning Stand Up Paddleboarding with LondonSUP gives you a safe and easy way to start a new watersport right here in London.

Yes, it really is as much fun as it looks! And depending on the conditions, it can be as easy as ‘walking on water’ or as hard as your toughest core workout.

Usually 90 minutes is enough time for a novice to pick up the basic SUP skills. After that it’s just pure enjoyment.

What does LondonSUP teach?

SUP Introductory Lessons

Basic safety skills first, for your sake and your paddle-buddies. How to carry a board and how to fall off one.

In your first lesson you’ll learn how to find the sweet spot on the board for best balance. You’ll also learn the right stance and body posture for more power and less fatigue.

Of course every beginner needs to know how to get on the board and move from a crouch to a standing position. You will also learn the strokes every paddleboarder needs to manage a variety of wind and wave conditions.

You may not be a pro after 90 minutes, but you’ll have a great time learning. And most people leave LondonSUP with the skills to take out a board on their own next time, or join one of our group paddle sessions. It’s even more fun with friends.

SUP Refresher Lessons

Have you taken our SUP Intro Lesson before but feel you would like some more time with an instructor to help ace those skills? Then our SUP Refresher Lesson is for you!

This lesson allows anyone who has taken our indoor or outdoor SUP Intro Lesson to come out for a full lesson again but for less then half the cost. Basically you are paying a little more then a board rental fee.

After purchasing this lesson you can register and join any of our listed SUP Intro Group Lesson and take our FULL lesson again. Purchase your lesson here!

SUP Skill Builder Series

Have you taken our SUP Introductory Lesson and are wondering what’s next? Join us for our four session SUP Skill Builder Series to increase your confidence and skill level on your Stand Up Paddleboard.

Beginners or experienced paddlers alike will benefit from the many fun exercises our certified SUP Instructors will guide you through in these 60 minute session. These sessions are designed to build your abilities and give you the confidence you need to tackle greater challenges on the water. Sign up for one session or take all four and get a discount.

Session Skill Focus:

  • Session 1 – A technically proper, and strong paddle stroke
  • Session 2 – Balance on the board and efficient management
  • Session 3 – Turning your board like a Pro
  • Session 4 – SUP Safety, learn to help yourself and others on the water

LondonSUP Lesson Pricing

Ready to book now? Check our Calendar for available lesson dates and book online or send us an email to reserve your spot.

SUP Introductory Lessons Price
Private Lessons (1.5 hours 1 person) $99.00
Group Lessons (1.5 hours per person) $75.00/each
SUP Skill Builder Series Price
All Four Sessions (one person) $120.00
Drop In Session (one person) $35.00

* All lessons include SUP, paddle, PDF
* Contact us for group pricing and discounts.

Cancellation Policy: Due to weather and water conditions, we may need to postpone a class up to an hour and a half prior to start. All spots will be re-booked into existing classes with openings. If you need to cancel a class, a minimum of 24 hour notice by phone, or email is required. We will make every effort to re-book you into a class with openings.

SUP Lessons in St. Marys

We also teach our SUP Intro and SUP Skill Builder at St. Mary’s Swim Quarry.Be sure to check out our St. Marys lesson guide for lesson dates and times. Click Here for details.